The world shrinks with every new person you meet.

There’s a criminal lack of outdoor seating for restaurants in Los Angeles.

The price of a pint of beer is the best index for cost of living in a city.

It’s important to eat fiber.

The word “tourist” is too similar to “terrorist,” especially in some European accents.

There are three universal languages: Happiness, Kindness, and English.

At least 1 in 4 people snore.

Intentionally getting lost is the best way to learn a new city.

While it’s important to have a plan, it’s much less important to follow it.

Logos are lifesavers.

Almost nothing is as dangerous as you’ve read about.

Kindness is infectious.

New experiences, especially stressful ones, expand your empathetic abilities.

You’re probably on the wrong train.

The only way to become fearless is to do the things you fear.

Happiness is usually found in the presence of other people.

If you have the choice, always choose the top bunk.

The best restaurants and pubs are a few blocks away from any main avenue.

When you don’t have common people or work to discuss, the conversation is guaranteed to be interesting.

Nude beaches totally desexualize breasts.

Compassion is important, even at a hookah bar in Madrid at 3am on a Sunday.

Sometimes the “daily routine” sounds pretty darn attractive and stress-free.

The most difficult things to say are often the most important.

You should spend more time with people and less time with Netflix.


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