Musings 2

By pure number of workers, “selfie-stick salesman” is the most popular job in the world.

It takes about 2.5 rolls of toilet paper to clean up a shattered full bottle of red wine.

If you play your cards right with the tour guide, you can extend your 3 hour group tour into a 12 hour private tour.

Sometimes you know someone you met 2 days ago better than someone you’ve known for years.

When falling out of a plane in the Swiss Alps, you’re too amazed by where life has brought you to feel any fear.

It’s difficult to not smile when you spot a happy family.

Life is a comedy to those who can laugh at their misfortunes and a drama to those who can’t. Take your pick.

Change is inevitable, but you have the option to create it or simply react to it.

Italian trains run on a strict schedule: No earlier than at least 15 minutes late.

Sometimes you just have to stop asking other people for permission to do what you want to do.

When you haven’t seen family or friends from home in a few weeks, every new person you meet  looks like someone from your life.

Contrary to popular belief, you actually can see Rome in a day if it’s your last day of three in the city and you spent the first two in bed with strep throat.

Life is found in the unexpected moments in which you think “I never imagined I’d be here,” such as in the audience of a three-person Italian theater production which you can’t understand in a tiny theater in a Roman alley.

Travelers Advice: when traveling alone, always carry a cheap bottle of wine and some plastic cups in your backpack. It’s the quickest way to make friends in any situation.

Americans’ relationships with friends and family are severely harmed by open container laws.


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