Musings 3

“A beer” should be considered 12oz or more. Anything less is only “some beer.”

Don’t take the things you see everyday for granted. Even surrounded by natural beauty, many people of Iceland wish they only had trees.

If you say “hi” to someone you pass on the street, 95% of the time, they’ll reciprocate, and you’ll both walk away feeling just a little bit better. Forget that other 5% of people.

Only eat half of that space cake. Really.

If you don’t jump (off of a cliff in Greece, out of a plane in Switzerland, or a metaphor of your choosing), you’ll always wish you had.

No, the waiters in Greece don’t hate you. There’s just absolutely no rush whatsoever for them to serve you.

You make the most genuine friendships when you’re 100% vulnerable and honest about your insecurities, desires, and dreams.

We’re wired to crave and be chemically rewarded by human interaction, even in it’s smallest form. Then, we put on headphones, stare at our phones, and ignore humans.

The river that shares your last name (and you assume could only be described as “mighty”) may be more of a creek.

There’s a difference between “vacation” and “traveling.” One is a lot more work, a lot more stress, and a lot more rewarding than the other.

If you’re a single guy in search of a relationship with a woman who could be described as “beautiful” and “friendly,” move to Copenhagen immediately. Those are your best odds.

The reason you are where you are right now is because you choose to be, whether actively or passively.

Why don’t we let cashiers sit in the U.S.? That’s just cruel.

After everyone I met and all of the memories I made over 98 days of travel, what sticks with me most is the desire to be more like the everyday people I met who inspired me with their positivity, friendliness, and genuine desire to help other people.

Your musings will become a whole hell of a lot more pretentious after taking the cliche (but still romantic) 3-month backpacking trip through Europe. Oops.


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